Fuzzy Text/Icons after upgrading to Windows 8.1? Solution here.


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I had issues with fuzzy text in certain applications and fuzzy icons in notification area immediately after updating to 8.1.

I found this was due to 8.1's new "improved" DPI Scaling options and affects many people.

I can't help but think that millions of users will possibly be affected by this but not know how to fix it,
or just assume it was always like that and read fuzzy text from now on. "It was always like that right?"

If you just upgraded to 8.1 and now your fonts look weird, text is harder to read, or tray icons look fuzzy/blurry then this should fix it:

Right click desktop, choose "Screen resolution"
Click "Make text and other items larger or smaller"
Check the box "Let me choose one scaling level for all of my displays"
Click the "Apply" buttin below the above setting
You will now have to log out and then back in to test to see if this fixed your DPI Scaling issues.


Thanks for this. What a dumb thing for Microsoft to do to people.. Who thought THAT was a good idea?


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Thanks for the info, I think that this is here for any razon, I do not know why, but something is.

Roger Guitard

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As I am prone to doing on occasion, I spoke too soon. Following those suggestions didn't correct fuzzy looking type on some pages. Any other suggestions?
Maybe update your graphics driver and that might fix the issue. I did the same on mine and fixed it for me.
Much more clearer on my dell xps m1330 windows 8.1 x64

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Also on Dell monitors download the monitor inf driver from Dells page.

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If this computer was originaly windows Vista. You might have incompatible ram. Had a dell studio originaly with windows Vista. Tried windows 7 and windows 8.1 same problem. Changed the ram viola all gone. The ram that was in the computer was weird. 6400 but not 800 mhz it was labled at 666mhz. the lable said 6400s not 6400. Just a though.

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I ran into this a couple of days ago, in Windows 10.
I normally set my text size at 135% but when I did that in Windows 10 it made all of the text look soft and fuzzy.

I switched it back to 125%, (one of the default settings) and it went back to normal.

Maybe I should try again and log out and back in an additional time?

I'll give it a try.


No, didn't work, if I change it from the 125% option it gets fuzzy and stays that way.
Oh, well I'll just have to get used to it for now.
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