Gadgets disappear on restart


Whatever gadgets I choose to display, they show and work O.K., but only until the next restart. Upon that, they just disappear and I have to right-click on the desktop and select "Gadgets" in order to make them show themselves again.

Note: This might be related to my other problem that W7 forgets parts of my Power Plan upon each restart. So it would seem that it just forgets changes made to its configuration upon restarts and/or power losses.

Note 2: I have Windows 7 RTM (Build 7600, from MSDNAA), UAC on default and installed Comodo Security Suite (latest version).

Thanks for the replies in advance.

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straight off i'd be looking to see if comodo or uac is blocking admin level access to your settings, thus wipes them on reboot.

How can I check if this is actually happening?


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disable the said products and restart a few times after changing settings...if the changes stick it falls to the apps disabled being cause

I've already done so. Disabled UAC & Comodo, settings lost on first restart.


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Ok since they dont effect the problem you'll need to work out what else you did since the install

All right, I've managed to solve the problem. Although after disabling Comodo it said it was disabled, a restart was required to make this fully effective.

It's strange, however, that I found no rule that would block editing the power plan in the registry.


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Glad ya found that in the end, sometime security apps are a little too agressive....spybot S&D teatimer tool is just as annoying unless you like faffing all the time to do things...worse than

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