Game (Soldier of Fortune) doesn't work


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I've got a problem and I think it's cause lies within windows 7.

I'm playing a quiete old game called Soldier of Forune (released in 2000). It worked correctly when I had my laptop brand new. I installed the game and everything workes as it should be. But, some day, about 6 months later I wanted to start up the game and it causes an error which just said: This program has stopped working. There is no further explaination...

Now I started asking some guys who also play the game and know quiete a bit about pc's and windows (compared to me atleast:tongue:), but they didn't know the reason for the error either. It also seems that i'm not the only one who has this problem with this particularly game. A mate of mine who also plays the game has the same error. Also with windows 7 and the game used to run properly on his pc too, and now it suddenly stopped working too.

We've also done some research on the internet and found something about videocards and drivers. But since we both got different videocards (ATI and Nvidia) I don't think this causes the problem and next to that, it used to work with the same drivers.

I hope you can help me with my problem.

Thanks in advance.



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