Gamers show the way: More using Win 8 than XP


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While Net Applications gives an idea about how Windows 8 is doing from a more general PC audience, the tens of millions of Steam users show how the operating system is being accepted by the more hardcore PC gaming crowd. Today, the latest Steam hardware survey results are in for the month of February 2013 and it shows that Windows 8 is now ahead of Windows XP among its user base.
Seems like Windows 8 is slowly gaining ground. Probably due to games becoming more advanced and devs not coding for xp anymore. The above article can be found here:

Steam says Windows 8 has overtaken Windows XP - Neowin

The actual STEAM survey page can be found here:

Steam Hardware & Software Survey

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I also suspect that many gamers have moved on to new hardware and 64 bit systems for more usable ram.