Windows 7 Games Explorer and its game detection


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Jan 13, 2009
I was wondering, can Game Explorer detect already installed games? It detected all the new games that i installed and 2 previous installed. I was just wondering cause i have more than 10 games, that i installed before Windows 7, and they all work fine, just Game Explorer doesn't detects them. Can anyone help me with this?
Usualy it detects it when you play it once. Try runnign all those installed games and see if they appear there.
It isn't that much useless. I usually have all icons from the games in one folder on the desktop(so my desktop isn't a mess). But in game explorer i can download updates, view better icons(images from boxarts) and some other things. Pretty cool for me.
Well you can make a folder on the desktop choose an icon and have games there... Since it aint working not much else you can do...
And dont look at icons, play the games xD
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