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Jul 27, 2016
Hey guys, can anyone please suggest me some games that have great map editors/map makers available?
I absolutely love the one that came with my Far Cry 3, and I use it to make cool maps all the time, but the only drawback is that Far Cry is a first-person game, and the physics don't really go too well, such as when stunting, the car just simply drops from the ramp rapidly, and set on fire once it hits the ground. Those, along with the lack of freedom, due to the again, FP setting, makes it soooo much less fun.

So, I though someone here might just be able to suggest me a game with a Map Editor as easy and comprehensive as Far Cry's but of course, allowing more liberty in the gameplay, for example, if JC2 had a map editor, I would simply say: Take my Money, and get me that. Period................ doesn't. Sadly, no such mods either, despite of such a huge modding community.

Anyhow, Please suggest some good games with map editors available.
Thank You!

P.S. Open World only, no Mario please!
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