Genuine help needed to crack software code NOT MicroSoft

This is not a Piracy issue.
We use a Legacy software a 16 years old database that is no longer available and not made by MS, on Win XP
We use an 'add-on' with the database that was $20 sadly the developer of the 'add-on' has passed away about 4 years ago and the business no longer exists.

The three PCs we have at present are:

Hardware ID: 1F80-1493
The Code is: C94A-3395-03AF-CFCE-686A-CE94-F29E-DAE3-E68F-9222-C6C8-1677

Hardware ID: 2064-75DF
The Code is: C94A-0C71-62E3-8833-B119-63CB-42B9-E6C3-073A-2BEC-2F1C-D550

Hardware ID: 0547-0661
The Code is: C94A-2952-115D-8A03-DA60-25AF-B044-BA46-1978-FB92-A87D-9277

All three have the same 'Application Id': 1497-6779-78

I am trying to get code for:

Hardware Id: F2E4-3A4E
Application Id: 1497-6779-78

Hardware Id: 1E6E-9C58
Application Id: 1497-6779-78

I will donate $40 to the favourite charity or the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for anyone that can help, in the delevopers name, please post a PayPal link.

Thanks in advance
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You would need to disassemble the program that generate the code to determine the code. That or you would have to patch out the part of the program that checks for the code either way there are not a lot of people that can do that. Depending on how large the program is that could take a lot of time of which I don't have time to do something like that. I would look for a replacement solution. Trying to hack up an old program isn't worth the time nor a good idea because of compatibility issues which you are bound to have.