Windows 7 Getting back old-style move [window] command


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EDIT: Ignore this question, just discovered you can use shift+ right-click. Thanks anyway!

Hey guys,
In old versions of windows, when you right-clicked on a window's titlebar or taskbar button, you got a whole load of mostly useless options like Restore, Minimize, Maximize and *Move*. In 7, all these except Close are gone, and for the most part we don't really care. *Except*: I've got two displays, one of which is my TV. Quite often, the TV isn't showing my desktop, 'cos it isn't switched on, plugged in, or is actually being used to watch TV. And quite often, a new window will appear on the TV part of my desktop, where I can't see it. In XP, I used to be able to use the "Move" command from the taskbar to grab hold of the invisible window and drag it back to my primary monitor. But as far as I can make out, the only thing to do in windows 7 is to disable the TV as a display.

Does anyone know a way to re-enable to move command?

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Use the alternative that seems to have survived intact. Alt-space is the shortcut for right-clicking a titlebar, so when the app is highlighted, press Alt-Space, then M, an arrow key, then use the mouse. More complicated, but hey, it works!
Hmm. Curious. I still have "move" on my drop down.

Anyway, I am glad you have found a suitable alternative.
No, I think this was just about right-clicking the taskbar entries. The titlebar right-click is still there, but is inaccessible if a window is off-screen. But shift-right-click from Misha's edit sounds handy too!
if you hover over the pinned task bar entry(app or window) get the preview appear below...right click on the preview, instead of the icon on the bar to get the "move" option.:)