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    Mike Taulty, long time Coding4Fun Friend, recently presented at a London Kinect Hack Event on how to quickly get started developing with the Kinect for Windows v2. Lucky for us, he's shared it with us...;

    Here are just a few times we've highlighted Mike's work;

    Get Set Up For Kinect for Windows V2 Development

    Here’s a quick guide to getting yourself set up for Kinect for Windows V2 development.

    It was put together specifically for the Kinect Hack for Windows London event but it’s generally applicable.

    Here’s what you’re going to need to get going


    Here’s a video walkthrough of the rest of the post and a few other bits – for the XEF file that I used in the video see the bottom of the posts;

    from Vimeo.

    A Computer ...

    Windows 8.1 (or 8.0) ...

    Visual Studio ...

    Kinect for Windows V2 SDK ...

    Kinect for Windows V2 Sensor ...

    Kinect Samples ...

    Kinect Studio ...

    A Sample XEF File ...

    Project Information URL:

    Kinect for Windows V2 SDK: 3 ‘Hello World’ Videos

    There’s a bunch of posts on the site around the Kinect for Windows V2 but as part of getting ready for the Kinect for Windows Hack London;

    Dan asked whether I’d help with a few “getting started” materials (beyond the excellent info that’s already in the SDK with samples and so on).


    The next step is to start building out some code and the SDK supports you in doing lots of different things including;

    • Building desktop applications in .NET or C++
    • Building Windows Store applications in .NET, JavaScript or C++

    and I thought I’d put together the same ‘Hello World’ sample in a few of those technologies walking through from scratch what it looks like to put something together which gathers body data from the Kinect for Windows V2 sensor and displays it in a simple way.

    Here’s the 3 videos…

    Windows Store App in C# with Windows/XAML

    Windows Desktop App in C# with WPF

    Windows Store App in JavaScript with HTML


    Project Information URL:

    Contact Information:

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