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Sep 27, 2009
It will improve your chance of getting accurate help if you provide the following information:

Click "start" and type and enter "info" and let us know your version and build.

1. 32 or 64 bit version ? - Under "system type" x64 or x86 (x86 is the 32 bit version)

2. 7600 or earlier version ? - Under "version/build"

3. Clean install or upgrade?

4. Was it working then it broke?

5. If it was working, did it break after installing drivers, hardware or software? Be specific.

6. Are there any yellow flags when you click "Start" and type and enter "control" ?

7. Are there any "Critical" errors logged when you click "Start" and type and enter "ev" and look at the Administrator logs under "Custom Views" ?

8. Do you have your registry backed up? Restoring a working registry or rolling back to a working restore point is OFTEN the most reliable fix. It could save you a lot of time describing the problem.

A few known problems:

Can't use YouTube and other online media. There are no Flash player or Searchlight addons for the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer.
Fix: Use the 32 bit version of IE under \program files (x86)

Webpages won't open from links on websites.
Fix: IE security level too high. Links on webpages are considered popups and blocked.

Internet connection won't connect after bootup or reboot.
Fix: Reboot your ROUTER.

Internet connection drops.
Fix: Disable "Microsoft Reliability Analysis task" (RAC) in the Task Scheduler There could be other diagnostics and reporting tasks that are randomly activated causing internet connection drops. If you locate the cause of the problem you can reactivate the task you want to run.
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