Getting "Window Desktop Manager has stopped working" on startup of Magnifier.

Hi everyone. This is my first post in this site. I hope I'm in the right place to post this thread.

I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit in one of my PCs. That PC doesn't have an external graphics card (i.e no ATI or NVIDIA). Everything's OK. I get nice graphics, transparent title bars, aero styles, etc. But when I turn on Magnifier, I get the message 'Window Desktop Manager has stopped working and needs to close". After that, every style goes out. The title bars and task bar is no longer transparent. But on the other PC, (with NVIDIA graphics card) there's no such problem, though I installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with the same disk.

Can you please help? Is it because of improper installation of Windows or because of the absence of an external graphics card? I need the magnifier often. So I need to solve the problem.

Have you checked to see if there is an updated driver for the onboard graphics of your mobo from your mobo's website? When upgrading to a new OS, it always preferred to obtain the most current drivers for ones mobo for that particular OS...including chipset, audio and sometimes the BIOS update is needed to make sure the firmware is compatible with future hardware upgrades including the OS.

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