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    A few weeks ago, the ISO C++ Committee met in Lenexa, Kansas to hash out the future of the C++ language, specifically for C++17. We're honored to speak to two (previously featured) Microsoft delegates to the committee -- Gabriel "Gaby" Dos Reis and Artur Laksberg -- who took the time to give us a very nice overview of the major things that went down at the meeting!

    Video Timeline
    [00:55] Meet n' Greet
    [02:02] Bjarne Stroustrup's 3 major themes for C++17

    [03:35] Bjarne's "Top 10 List"
    [03:43] #1 - Concepts
    [05:03] #2 - Modules
    [06:49] #3 - Ranges
    [07:23] #4 - Uniform call syntax
    [08:53] #5 - Ranges
    [10:39] #6 - Networking support
    [11:06] #7 - Contracts
    [13:01] #8 - SIMD vector and parallel algorithms
    [13:49] What is a TS [Technical Specification]?
    [14:27] TS's in-flight: Parallelism + Concurrency
    For more info on Parallel STL, check out Artur's previous GoingNative video!
    [16:05] Futures (related to Parallel Patterns Library [PPL])
    [17:36] Latches and barriers
    [18:39] Atomic smart pointers [ptr]
    [19:40] #9 - Library "vocabulary types"
    [20:30] #10 - Local arrays on the stack (via some "magic type")

    [21:52] What's next for the Committee?
    [23:21] How you can get involved! (Kona, Hawai'i + CppCon 2015)

    Useful Links
    CppCon 2015
    GoingNative 31 - Parallel STL (feat. Artur)
    GoingNative 32 - C++17 Preview (feat. Gaby)
    Who is this Bjarne Stroustrup guy?

    P.S. We're trying out a new camera setup. Apologies for any distraction; think of it as a behind-the-scenes glimpse =P Also, bonus points if you can correctly identify next month's video topic and post its name in the comments with each letter shifted alphabetically by the position of your comment, e.g. if you are the fourth commenter "Superbowl" = "Wytivfsap". Bonus points redeemable for C++ pride and our thanks to you as a vigilant viewer ;)


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