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    (Sorry for the delay! Look forward to 2 episodes in March!)

    Today's episode is packed with practical tips to significantly speed up your build time (we ain't talking chump change) that you can apply immediately after watching! Join our build throughput expert (as well as our intern!) as we guide you through the steps to decrease your downtime and pump your productivity!

    Video Timeline
    [1:24] Meet Sridhar
    [2:04] VS2013 build times: RTM vs. Update 3
    [3:54] How we achieved those gains
    [4:16] Improved incremental linking
    [4:45] Improved PDB generation
    [5:03] New switch: /Zc:inline
    For more info, see our blog post.
    [6:16] VS2015 Build Throughput Principles: Improving Incremental Builds
    [7:37] Free gains with template processing in VS2015
    [9:27] Squeezing out more gains
    [9:50] /debug:fastlink
    [11:00] /ltcg:incremental
    [13:03] Precompiled Header (PCH) Tool (Intern Project!)
    [14:17] Meet Nikolai
    [14:58] What is a PCH?
    [15:25] Why should I use it?
    [15:42] What should I put into it?
    [16:42] PCH Tool Demo
    Download the tool here!
    [20:02] Example build throughput gains in VS2015
    [21:23] Reporting your build issues to us
    [22:18] Build timing
    [23:33] /bt+ and /time+
    Send your logs to aasthan at microsoft dot com
    [26:38] Final recommendations: build systems
    Check out IncrediBuild at https://www.incredibuild.com/

    Don't have the latest update to VS2013 yet? Click here! (Or tell us in the comments why you haven't)

    And be sure to try out the latest VS2015 build here! (And also tell us in the comments why not =P)


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