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    Ever wish there were a way to condense the entire CppCon 2015 into less than an hour? Well, realistically speaking, there may not be a way to really do that, but we hope this month's episode comes close! CppCon 2015 was packed to the brim with all sorts of great content, great people, and great conversations!

    We had a chat with 16 of the speakers from CppCon, and they're here to tell you a little about themselves, summarize their talk(s) so you can quickly see if they interest you, and provide tips/tricks/traps on using C++ -- that's advice straight from mouths of the experts so you can see if you're already doing awesome, and/or maybe learn something new!

    All links to the speakers' talks (and additional content) are provided below. Hope you enjoy!

    [1:01] Jon Kalb
    Conference Chair, CppCon 2015
    C++ Instructor, jon@cpp.training
    C++ Today: The Beast is Back
    (Jon's talk was unfortunately not recorded. However, you can download his book for free [written with Gašper Ažman] at the above link!)
    Check out more info on CppCon here!

    [3:51] Sean Parent
    Principal Scientist, Adobe
    CppCon 2015 Keynote #2: Better Code: Data Structures
    See additional presentations from Sean here!

    [4:47] Michael Wong
    Senior Technical Lead, C++ Compiler Team, IBM
    CEO, OpenMP
    Chairman, ISOC++ SG5 [Transactional Memory]
    Chairman, ISOC++ SG14 [Game Development & Low Latency]
    C++11/14/17 Atomics and Memory Models: Before the story consumes you!

    [10:04] Nicolas Lazareff
    VP of Software Development, OTOY
    C++ for cross-platform VR [Virtual Reality]

    [12:36] John Wyman / Kevin Kostrzewa
    Lead Software Engineer / Software Architect, Thomson Reuters
    Organizational Leadership with Modern C++

    [14:51] Roland Bock, a.k.a. "The SQL Guy"
    Head of Development, PPRO Financial Ltd
    Pruning Error Messages From Your C++ Template Code (see sources here)
    Kiss Templates (see sources here)
    Check out Roland's C++ blog "Dreaming of Names" here!

    [17:13] Pedro Ramalhete
    Software Engineer, Cisco Systems
    How to make your data structures wait-free for reads
    If you love concurrency algorithms/patterns (or just want to find out more), check out the "Concurrency Freaks" blog here!

    [21:41] Dr. Lawrence Crowl
    Chairman, ISOC++ SG6 [Numerics]
    Comparison is not simple, but it can be simpler

    [23:21] Vittorio Romeo
    Università degli Studi di Messina
    Implementation of a component-based entity system in modern C++
    "for_each_argument" explained and expanded
    Check out Vittorio's YouTube channel here for video tutorials and more!

    [26:13] John Lakos
    Software Infrastructure, Bloomberg LP
    Value Semantics: It ain't about the syntax! (Part I)
    Value Semantics: It ain't about the syntax! (Part II)
    The design principles and class categories discussed in the talk are extensively illustrated in bsl and bdl, part of the foundational C++ libraries used at Bloomberg, which are hosted on github!
    Don't miss John's latest paper for the C++ standards committee, on the performance benefits of allocators. John is also deeply involved in the committee's effort to reach consensus on support for contracts. Take a look at his proposal for language support for contract assertions.

    [29:51] Michael VanLoon
    Principal Software Engineer, F5 Networks
    STL Algorithms in Action
    Check out Michael's blog here!

    [31:49] JF Bastien
    Jest-in-Time Compiler, Google
    C++ on the Web: Ponies for developers without pwn'ing users

    [38:40] Juanpe Bolívar
    Software Engineer, Ableton
    Transducers: from Clojure to C++
    Check out the presentation slides here!

    [40:49] Brett Hall
    Principal Software Engineer, Wyatt Technology
    Transactional Memory in Practice

    [42:48] Viktor Korsun
    Head of Client-Side Development, Zeptolab
    Enhancing STL containers

    [45:35] Sumant Tambe
    Principal Research Engineer, Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
    Microsoft MVP
    Reactive Stream Processing in Industrial IoT using DDS and RxCpp
    Check out more information on Rx4DDS here!

    Oh, and here's some bonus material =)

    Bjarne Stroustrup, a.k.a., "The Guy Who Created C++" [click for last month's interview!]
    Managing Director, Technology Division, Morgan Stanley
    CppCon 2015 Opening Keynote: Writing Good C++14
    Check out his homepage here!

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