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    There are many ways to spin a cube and in today's episode we're coming from a different... angle =P. Cooper Partin from the Windows Graphics team is joining to tell us about his work on the ANGLE project to enable OpenGL ES 2.0 support in Windows Store, Phone and Universal Windows apps. ANGLE is an open-source library initially developed by Google to allow Windows desktop apps to run OpenGL ES or WebGL content by translating calls to DirectX 9 or 11.


    [00:52] Meet Cooper Partin

    [01:33] What is ANGLE?

    [02:53] Changes in ANGLE to support mobile devices

    [05:00] Demo time!

    [05:18] ANGLE NuGET package for Windows Store

    [10:32] New window surfaces: core window and swapchain panel

    [13:15] New OpenGLES template in Visual C++ for Android, iOS and Universal Windows



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