Good (linux) alternatives to windows XP

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Well the clock is ticking XP folks, less then a month for now XP will be unsupported and you will have to choose what to do.
If you want to keep your old hardware thats fine, as these alternatives are good if you dont like the fancy new Windows 8 or 8.1.
Just keep in mind no OS will ever fully replace XP, even later versions of Windows have thier curves you will have to adjust to.
This list is a compilation of the best XP alternatives the linux world that are very easy to use and install, all offering things like flash, java, dvds playback and other multimedia playback all preinstalled:

3 Zorin OS:

Zorin OS is a distro more or less targeted at windows 7 users but has an option that can make it look and feel like XP.
It has all the flash, codecs and DVD playback enabled so no need to install them
The only bad thing about Zorin is that it has no lighter version for older specs so be careful:


2 Linux Mint:

Linux Mint is the premier easy to use and install Linux OS for a long time XP user to try.
With a layout similar to XP the interface is easy to navigate.
It has a very basic software installer and is generally quite user friendly.

Its Main edition features an interface called Cinnamon
Linux mint has several editions to it and if you have about 2 gigs of ram and decent graphics do give the Linux Mint main Cinnamon edition a try.

For those of older specs you may wish to try Linux Mints MATE edition, MATE is a lighter interface for Mint but offers very similar functionality to its cinnamon counterpart:


1 Linux Lite:

Perhaps the best one on the list overall due to its lightweight nature, speed, no alternate environments to get confused about, Linux Lite is the epitome of simplicity and smooth operation.
This linux is quickly becoming a favorite of mine with a great community and overall great experience:


Note: I actually forgot for Linux lite it doesnt come with codecs, but it still offers a very easy wasy to install them

Of course there is still windows itself with 7 being my favorite but everyone knows about that one :D

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