Good maintenance software for windows?

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Does anyone know any good maintenance software for Windows? I currently use ccleaner and it's great, but I want to know if there is any other software out there that might provide more functionality and is free.

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For A-virus I use the free Avast, and for backups I use (paid) Acronis but there are free software that are ok for personal usage.
ps Windows Defender does good basic windows maintence if set correctly... also free.


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If you like cleaners, then for maintenance, Ccleaner is as good as they get. A lot more customisation in it than many others also.


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I use:

CCleaner -to get rid of temporary files
free Macrium - for frequent imaging (very important)
Revo Uninstaller - for a clean uninstall removing registry entries and files
Superantispyware - to get rid of tracking cookies
Malwarebytes - to check for malware
adwCleaner - to get rid of adware
WinDirStat - to check on disk usage
WinPatrol - to manage the startups and protect the registry

And of course a good AV program. I use MSE and NIS - but on different systems. And Defender on 8.1
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The recommendations for maintenance seem to be changing, perhaps because problems with the maintenance, itself, can create more issues than it solves. Defragmenting the hard disk was something that could be done for free and was often done frequently. Now, it's recommended only if fragmentation is so extensive that it seriously slows the computer. Cleaning up the registry used to be the province of paid programs but Microsoft now recommends not to do it at all. Updating drivers is often a service that is pushed to improve performance, but it is generally not a good idea to do it unless you are trying to solve a specific problem with a bad driver. Some of the maintenance programs routinely micro-manage memory or tweak things like network settings when you shouldn't have to do that more than once, if at all.

There is prevention, regular maintenance, and things to do only when you are having a problem. For example, manage the startup programs if the startup gets bloated and slow.

For prevention, good A/V software is obvious. WinPatrol, which WHS suggested, can save you a lot of headaches from stuff that would otherwise make changes to your system without your knowledge.

As far as maintenance, regular backups is probably the most important thing you can do.

I would focus on trying to make maintenance as unnecessary as possible. Follow good practices to avoid things mucking up your computer in the first place. Clean up specific issues when they affect performance but minimize excessive prophylactic maintenance.