Google: huge malware protective features coming.


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Link: Google announces Chrome features to combat malicious software


Today, Google announced some new security features that it's bringing to its Chrome browser. It adds up to some basic anti-malware protection that many users can benefit from.

The first is called hijacked settings detection. We've all had that one friend that keeps installing free software that adds extensions to Chrome, and then wonders why they have 500 toolbars and their default search looks exactly like Google but redirects to

Now, Chrome will detect when a new extension is changing your browser settings, such as the default search engine, and will give you the option to restore it.

Chrome Cleanup has been redesigned with a simpler interface. This is for when a user downloads software and doesn't realize that it's bundled with other software, which may end up being malicious. Indeed, we all have that friend too, if it's not the same one(s).

Google also says that the engine behind Chrome Cleanup is more powerful. The company worked with ESET to combine its detection engine with Chrome's sandboxing.

“Using the internet should always be a smooth and safe experience for everyone,” said Juraj Malcho, Chief Technology Officer at ESET. “For three decades, ESET has developed a number of security solutions that allow users to safely enjoy their technology and to mitigate a variety of cyber threats. Chrome Cleanup addresses unwanted software that can negatively influence a users’ experience on the internet.”

Google says that it's rolling these features out to Chrome users on Windows now, and will help tens of millions of users to a cleaner, safer web.
Hey, thanks much for sharing such a helpful thread. This is really a great positive news for chrome users and can help in defending against phishing...
I've been quite happy with the Edge browser, Here's a report that may interest you:


I used to use MS IE for years when it was just MS and Netscape? do you remember those? Congratulations!, you're old! But I was never impressed with Edge from my use and trial. I don't remember exactly but I think Edge was just too late into the browser arena. But I recall, having been an original Windows 10 insider that, Edge didn't come out until I think until the first major update Redstone one or two, maybe two.

I've just gotten too used to Chrome, despite how people feel about it. But browsers seem to be a terraform community. They've added features and security and some bloat. I guess on the bigger aspect, I wasn't pleased with the UI in edge. the last MS browser I actually used was IE 10. they were creating IE 11 as well which was replaced right afterward with Edge.
I prefer Chrome and Vivaldi. People, especially in the Linux community like to bitch about Chromes memory usage which is pretty high but it's for performance and security reasons. With how cheap memory is though it's a non-issue in my opinion.
I wanted to clarify what terraform means in that context. each browser developer has built various features like account syncing extension security for a few aspects. But I'm not inclined to change. I've spent years creating my account and am too slow and too tired to change unless something happens that makes me jump ship. I'm too old and set in my ways to change unless a browser does something stupid to make me change. I do like the rebuilt firefox browser. they might make it yet.