Google Releases Chromebook to Canada


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Feb 7, 2009
Here north of the USA, we honestly don't seem to keep up with tech trends as much as our American and even British friends. We think Blackberry 10 is the greatest thing since sliced bread and most people in Canada have probably never heard of the Microsoft Surface, or even Windows Phone for that matter.

However, that hasn't stopped Google from releasing its less-than-popular "internet only" Chromebook here in Canada. The laptop which runs Chrome OS is manufactured by Samsung and comes in at just $250 - which is great except when you consider it's for internet browsing only... Well that just makes me feel like I'm paying for an internet browser only. Especially considering I could get a more powerful netbook (or Android powered tablet???) for the same price or less.:rolleyes:

Google introduces internet-only Chromebooks to Canada - Technology & Science - CBC News
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