Windows 7 Graphic Problems?


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May 25, 2009
Hey. I just bought new notebook and I installled windows 7. It says that all driever are uped maxiumum but i have problems! If i play game, exit game and later go again in game then the grapic is messed up and thats with every game. Even my desktop goes crazy. Is the problem with my graphic card or windows 7 dont have some drivers what i need for my pc or is there any other problem?
My PC is: Intel Core 2 Duo T6400 2Ghz 2MB cache
4gb DDR2 RAM
MB Intel PM45 + ICH9-M
Nvidia Geforce 9600M GT 512MB
Here is pictures about my problem: Game: Link Removed due to 404 Error
Desktop: Link Removed
Anybody here have some ideas? :(

what is the game you are trying to play

It happends with every game. It happends taht how: I start my PC, i go into the game, I exit game, i go again into the game and then it happends. Everytime I start my pc i can play only 1 time! :confused::frown:

make sure all your graphics settings are atMAX. I've that before on a friends laptop with vista, it would always happen after playing a low graphics game. or try lowerings the settings in your nvidia control panel.

I tried this but nothing changed! :(:confused:

well unless you try older drivers installed in compatibility. Otherwise i'm at a loss

I also tried older drivers but still nothing! :(

I got this error or somthing (down right corner): Link Removed due to 404 Error
Can anybody help me with this? All problems are conected with that? I cant play any game now, because the screen goes crazy. What i must do to fix this problem with my PC? :(

so my guess, its the drivers after seeing that screenshot

I have new screenshot:
Link Removed
Any ideas? It happends when i try to play a game - i go into a game, screen start blinkind and next moment it crashes and this pic comes and PC make restart.:(

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which ever drivers you are using are casuing these issues if they are older versions get updated ones, and wait for a fix

I have tried newest Nvidia driver and 179version but still nothing. All the same problem.

i have to say it is very strange i'm sorry but i can't think what the cause would be.

Hey guys I'm sorry to bump this thread up but I've recently got a new PC + Windows 7 64-Bit and I'm having the same issues. This happens mostly in games (Old and new) and has made many almost unplayable. From what I've gathered from gaming forums a lot of people blame 64-Bit as the issue, although that makes no sense as I'm getting the same issues as OP stated just on the desktop too. Also I've updated all drivers including my graphics card (1GB Radeon HD 5750) to the latest version that stated for W7 64-Bit. Any help on this situation will be well appreciated.