Windows 7 graphics problem


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May 26, 2009
my problem is that every now again (normally when i launch a program like windows media center) my screen looks all full of lines. really cant describe it properly so i have done some screenshots showing you the lines that are visable.
i can tell you that i have created another user account and have chanded the advanced features in control panel > system, to performance not apperance and this has solved the problem. but of course you dont get any of the aero stuff when choosing this option.
i have tried out vista for a short time and have experienced the problem
after some more testing i have also found out that i dont have to even launch windows media center for it to happen. when i got mutiple webpages up and i flick through them using the aero peek feature, it happens then.

mabye there is some software to boost my video card performancxe. mabye thatll do the trick?
as i said in the last post, it only happens when i click ajust for best apperance, on other accounts i have it set to ajust for best performance and the graphics problem is not a problem
please comment on this problem. remember to look at the screenshots i have attached. they are in .doc format

i am starting to think that my graphics card (nvidia 7300 GT) is not powerful enough for the aero grphics.. though microsoft say that it is poowerful enough for windows 7.
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