Grub Rescue Windows 7


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Hey guys, I know there is a million posts out there on this same topic, but not one explains in detail what to do if you do not have the CD/DVD that came with the PC.

I have a Toshiba Satellite A505 running Windows 7 on Intel Core 2 Duo. I had partitioned my 500 GB hard drive and installed Ubuntu 10.10 on 95 GB. After a few months I stopped using Ubuntu and decided to delete the partition using Windows Disk Management. The moment I restarted the computer the famous "error: no such partition. grub rescue" pops up. I was getting ready to reset my computer to factory settings. I have misplaced the CD/DVD that came with the PC.

How can I reset my computer to factory settings without the CD/DVD that originally came with the PC.


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Sometimes the manufacture will have a recovery partition. But since you installed grub To the MBR you may not be able to access it. But you can try. Page 60 it starts.

I would try a search to restore windows 7 MBR if you don't want to lose the current Windows O/S and your documents. But if you want a fresh install the system recovery is the way to go.

Another post from yet a long time ago, you've likely figured it out. Not much point in going into too much detail, there are ways to repair the boot for instance. But to reinstall, there are legal, free ways to download full install media, some direct from Microsoft, then use your activation key. Not factory settings, but it would be a clean install.

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