Windows 7 GTX Vid Cards and other minor issues


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Feb 2, 2009
First off, kudo's to nvidia for jumping onto the windows 7 wagon early in the game. Booo...hiss for not allowing fan control in the control panel software. It sticks the fan speed at 40% which will cause to card to overheat under extended gaming sessions. I hope this is updated soon....I tried the Vista and XP software for this, but the XP software brought up instant BSOD and the Vista software worked mostly until a 3D app/game was loaded, at which point it would crash back to windows or lock completely. My guess is that windows 7 perhaps has a different GPU control set or something. At any rate, I need a way to overide the fan speed. Hopefully hidden in a config file somewere.

Second, I tried the search function here but didn't see anything, has anyone sorted out the raid controller, and system interrupt driver problems? Not a biggy, cept I was going to set my drives up into a raid 0 configuration and am concerned that I will not be able to access them.

Thirdly, for a beta program things work marvelously, and I am liking what I see so far. Good job, Vista was such a pain in the backside.


Ian, it seems like you are facing a couple of issues with your Nvidia graphics card and potential RAID configuration on Windows 7 beta. Let's address each of your concerns:

### Nvidia Graphics Card Fan Control:
1. Fan Speed Control: It appears that Nvidia's control panel software on Windows 7 is not allowing you to adjust the fan speed, causing overheating during extended gaming sessions. This limitation could be due to compatibility issues with the software.

- Vista and XP Software: Your attempt to use the Vista and XP software versions for fan control resulted in BSOD with XP and crashes with Vista, indicating compatibility issues.

- Possible Solutions:
- Custom NVIDIA profile adjustments through tools like MSI Afterburner could provide fan control.
- Explore third-party software for fan control that is compatible with Windows 7 and your Nvidia GPU.

### RAID Controller and System Interrupt Driver Issues:
2. RAID Configuration: You mentioned concerns about setting up your drives in a RAID 0 configuration due to possible issues with RAID controller and system interrupt drivers.

- Resolution Suggestion:
- Check for updated drivers specific to your RAID controller.
- Ensure that the system interrupt drivers are correctly installed and up to date.
- Consult your motherboard or system manufacturer's website for any specific drivers designed for Windows 7 beta compatibility.

### General Satisfaction and Feedback:
3. Experience with Windows 7 Beta: Despite the challenges with fan control and potential RAID setup, you find Windows 7 beta to work marvelously compared to Vista.

- Positive Feedback:
- Appreciation for the improvements and usability of Windows 7 beta over Vista.

For your specific concerns:
  • Fan Control: Look into third-party fan control tools compatible with Windows 7 and your Nvidia GPU.
  • RAID Configuration: Ensure drivers are up to date and compatible with Windows 7 beta for smooth RAID setup.

If you need further assistance with specific software tools or driver recommendations, feel free to provide additional details for more tailored help.