Windows 7 Guitar Pro 7.5 not working


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Greetings all. I sure could use some advice about my recently purchased Guitar Pro 7.5 that will not work correctly. I downloaded it on my emachines with Windows 7 and it will open but none of the click on icons on home page operate. I go to top of page and drop down the help tab, with same results. I can open a musical notation, however, when it plays is freezes and acts like it's skipping. I have made sure Windows is up to date. I received a couple of error messages when I first downloaded program that I am attaching, but after deleting and reinstalling program a couple of times, the have disappeared. On a hunch, I downloaded program on our laptop that also runs Windows 7 and it works perfectly on it, but I would really like to use it on the emachine set up. I'm not very tech savvy, but I can follow instructions if any suggestions are given.


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Well the second image states "requires elevation" which means you need to be running it as an administrator. Either your computer account isn't an admin or you will need to right click the program and select "Run As Administrator"
Thanks Mr. Beer. I did try to run as Admin. That did cause that msg to disappear. I just wanted to post everything that is going on.