Windows 8 Happy, Impressed New Win8 End Users


I live in Calgary but, help clients who may be in other cities, Provinces or Countries.

Recently, I have worked remotely, using RA, w/ several clients who were newly installing Windows 8 (before the promo ends). In each case I have given them the Applications window and Desktop Toolbar.

W/out exception, they all are excited to use it w/ those things, very happy w/ Windows 8, impressed w/ it for Features, technology and ease of use. Though familiar w/ 7 & XP and from 40 to 75 years old, they did not find it hard to now understand or enjoy Windows 8.

Even, they heard negative things said or written about the OS yet, after I gave them the above 'tips' & showed them a couple of basics, they like Win8 & don't see why the bad press exists.

Go figure...

Yes & the info is, already, in the forum. The one part is use the Desktop Toolbar... Rt Clk Taskbar > Toolbars > Desktop

And this is the other significant part, the applications window:
Rt Clk on the desktop > New > Shortcut
Put this in, %windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1}
Make the Name, Applications

Now, click on the desktop icon, remove the Navigation pane, set the View to List, set the Sort to Name which means alphabetical order.
Now, Minimize (do not ever Close) This only has to be redone from the desktop icon after a reboot.

The regular type window now sits on the taskbar w/ all applications in it, Store APPs & normal applications (programs, utilities) and one never needs to leave desktop for Start or WinQ or be concerned w/ Tiles.

I love this, have used it for about a year & every client for whom I've set it up for them love it.

Oh & also, use of the APP Bar, Power Users Menu & Charms Bar & Alt+F4 & other Keyboard Commands.

All w/ no need for 3rd Party add-ins.

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