Hard Drive Disk Partions Get Different In Windows 7 And Windows 8.

Hello To Anyone Seeing This Thread

My Problem Is That In After Installing Both Windows 7 And Windows 8,In Windows 7 Partition Has Original Files.But In Windows 8 Every Partition Shows Files Of Another Partition.

Any Help Would Be Really Appreciated.

Please Send Quick Replies.


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You may have to be a little more specific about your configuration and which files are showing in more than one partition.

Also could you open Disk Management and take a snipping tool picture so we can see your configuration. Then attach using the more options button on the lower right.


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I don't know if this is what you are seeing but when i had Windows 7 and Windows 8 installed the drive I logged into was always drive C: so it switched the drive letters around.

Windows still made all the connections so the links still worked.


Joe S

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Mike I saw the same thing. I also noticed when I was beta testing Window 7 and Vista the active system was always C.

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