Windows 7 HELP: Cannot change refresh rates on Win 7 (CRT-monitor)


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Mar 31, 2009
Hi People

Im having a weird issue....I ve worked in tech supp before but I m unable to find an answer to this one:

System specs: C2D 3.0ghz, 2 gb ram, 1000mhz, OS WIn 7 64 bit RC 7100, Graphics-8600GT

Now Im using an old monitor LG 700s, and for some weird reason I cannot change the resolution to 1152x864 on 75 hz...I just get 60 hz (lot of screen flicker) option and nothing else, updated to the latest win 7 nvidia drivers released today...updated the monitor drivers as well, but Im not getting that refresh rate.

The funny thing is the monitor does support 1152x864 75 hz according to the monitor specs and I have it tunning on that resolution on both Win XP sp3 and Windpws Vista SP1 both 32 bit....

What am I doing wrong.....or is it just an issue with the drivers since its a new OS and its gonna take a lot of time for nvidia to fix...if it is an issue on their part?

Appreciate any help or views.
Thank you.
I also have the NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT 512 MB memory and when i first installed the official RC, Windows Update provided me with a WDM and it's worked perfectly.

If it is related to the monitor, do you have another computer you can change it over to?

You also might want to visit the monitor's manufacturer's site and see if a updated .inf file is available for that monitor. You would install that through device manager.

in fact, look in Device Manger under Monitors and see whats listed there. It's typically the manufacturers name along with a Generic PnP monitor for use in Safe Mode.

You should also look over this thread:
Solution found, "manage custom resolution in nvidia control panel".... such a noob

Thx for your suggestion man :)
Don't worry about,

I do the same .I can usually answer the difficult questions, but I've made some ridiclious solutions to easy problems.

Maybe I need a break from posting.:rolleyes:
It's the same here with GeForce 8800GT and its not normal. Any resolution and refresh rate supported by your monitor should be selectable. My monitor also supports 1152x864 75 hz, but i can only choose 60Hz; it's no custom refresh rate its what my monitor supports!
But its not Windows 7 "feature" - it's what nvidia drivers do for some time now (at least since first 180.xx drivers) in Vista too. Right now I am using 185.81 drivers and its even worse cause every screen resolution has only one refresh rate to choose (for example 1024x768@85Hz only while there should be at least four more refresh rates to choose from at that resolution).
I think it can be fixed by unpacking the driver package and editing modes.txt (lists all screen resolutions) and - maybe - inf file. I tried that some time ago, but it didnt worked - it was suprise to me cause usualy I did the same things to quadro only drivers (to make them run on my GPU) with succes. thats why I think nvidia did something with it, but why?
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