Help! Can't have sound card drivers installed AND use Firefox???

Bizarre problem I'm having.. so I'm using an HTO Striker 7.1 soundcard.. which by the way, its manufacturer has released drivers for Windows 7 x64 (which I am using)

When these drivers are installed, Firefox no longer launches...

I uninstall them, Firefox launches fine.

What could be going on here? If you need more information to help me out, just ask..

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I can't use WinRAR either.. I didn't have this problem before I updated from Vista x64 to 7 x64.

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Have you tried re-installing firefox once the drivers are uploaded?

I haven't tried that because I've now realized the problem is even stranger..

With my sound card drivers installed, absolutely no software will run unless it as run as an administrator. This shouldn't be.. it wasn't this way in Vista.. and it shouldn't be this way in 7. Right? It gets annoying having to get the gray-screened UAC access window everytime I launch everything.. however I don't want to turn off UAC.

What could be going on? Is there any fix to this? I would hope that the problem has become more general now that it seems to be an access issue rather than an issue simply with Firefox.

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