Help, Getting TCP/IP restict Errors


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Happy Easter Tech folks!

Been having strange connectivity issues as of late, they started about a month ago, and its only now during Easter break that I'm taking the time to tackle them.

The problem I'm experiencing is that during online game sessions, I would experience sudden disconnects. Thing is when I only use my browser everything seems fine. The internet connection to my house is pretty stable, nobody else is experiencing the same issues as me when it comes connectivity.

I've made sure to run virus checks to see if it was a nasty virus, nothing has been found.
Drivers are all up to date as well.

So I checked my Event Logs and found this:

TCP/IP has chosen to restrict the scale factor due to a network condition. This could be related to a problem in a network device and will cause degraded throughput.

Any advice? ( also updated my specs profile ..if thats any help)

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You have the same Network Adapter as I. A new driver came out the end of March because of a bug in an earlier one. You might check to make sure which one is being used.

The 100Mbps network speed is your network bandwidth from the ISP? Or is that what is showing on Task Manager as far as Link Speed? You might describe you network setup as far as how you are connected to the net and what type of connection your broadband connection is, like DSL or Cable (Road Runner means cable, and a 10 Mbps speed).

Looks like you have a gateway device (U10C22) and you are connected to the Ethernet port on it?

Have you watched Task Manger's Networking tab during your sessions to see what the Network Utilization does?

Have you called your cable company to let them check the connection?

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