Help: I can't delete my own folders!


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I upgraded today from Windows XP to Windows 7. I have a drive that was created in Windows XP that I'm trying to delete folders from. I get the message: "You need to provide administrator permission to delete this folder." So I click Continue. It then says, "You need permission to perform this action." and "You require permission from Desktop\Dave to make changes to this folder."

There's just one problem... I AM DESKTOP\DAVE! I changed the folder so that the owner is my account (dave). Then it tells me I need dave's (i.e. my own account) permission to delete! I did the "take ownership" thing with this and other folders, but sometimes Windows just ignores my changes and pretends I never made them, and sometimes it gives me the message I get above.

Why is windows 7 acting all pissy like this?? :mad::mad::mad:


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Taking ownership doesn't automatically change the permissions. Make sure that the permissions are set to allow you full control.


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I gavve this peoble also, only appears on the destop ss far as I know.You have to delete all the files and empty foldes in the directory you want to delete and theat wikk work,

try this to control folders

Go to control panel. Then Action Center. Change user account control settings. Slide the slider to never notify. Click ok and restart the computer. DONE.

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