Help I made a mistake

I recently got a used computer from an acquaintance and i thought the best way to set it up would be to just reinstall windows 7 so that i would basically give me a clean computer. However i am now regretting that decision because i cant connect to the internet and the graphics are not worth a damn. this is a good computer it has an intel i5 processor, NVIDIA geforce graphics card and 8 gb of ram so i would like to be able to use it. all the old stuff is in the Windows.old folder so is there any way to go back to that?


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Rather than reverting back, you'll likely be better off if you just take your time and use another computer with an internet connection to download the the driver's you'll need to get you devices back up and running in your new clean install.
In the case of integrated devices (sound, network LAN and or Wifi) the motherboard manufacturer, name, model number and Revision Number is a good place to start. For add on cards you'll need the manufacturer and model number, if it is not present in device manager (and it's likely not) the right clicking the problem device and choosing properties, selecting the details tab, use the drop down to change from Device description to Hardware Ids and copy and paste the top line into Google and see if that provides any insight as to the device and possible drivers.

It depends if you have the whole drivers with the whole old OS , as retrieving back rarely happen if there is no rescue disk to make it roll back. The net issue can be fixed by checking the connection if it is showing or if can install "Wi fi" and connection driver updates to make it work right. Please don't update the sound driver as it will make the mic buzz and a lot of issues will happen as keep your sound not updated to keep OS have no issues. There is another way which do check the IP address as may be you are blocked from enabling the network. Anyway as just check in Windows.old if network driver was installed and will go from there as can do the find the right link to update the network driver and good luck there.

I found the graphics card driver so that issue is resolved. Still cant connect to the internet with it. Its plugged into a TP-Link TL-SG108 network switch right now. Any idea where i can download a driver for that?


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You need to go to the site of the PC builder and get the driver from there. It may not be an individual drive but a collection of drivers related to the motherboard model.

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