Windows 7 Help me? 42'inches Plasma TV Panasonic


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Hey I got 42'inch Plasma Tv from Panasonic okey

The problem is Windows 7 Doesnt fit my screen only on 1900x1700
but I want it on 1280x720(recommend) like it says on my computer but it doesnt make any changes when I change it to 1280x720:S

so whats the problem I dont know I just want to get it Fit The whole Screen

When you have a problem you need to list your specks on your computer. If you have a EVGA or Nvidia motherboard then you have a resize option in your Nvidia control panel. It worked for me.


aha, yeah I got ATI Radeon HD 4870 Turbo from HIS
I got MSI Motherboard
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yeah but I cant find the Windows 7 ATI CATALYST
Windows 7 64Bit I got.

so could you find the Program for me ?
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There can be a lot of issues when trying to use a tv as a monitor because the pc can't recognize it the same way there for can't do it automatically like a monitor. It will require a lot of tweaking to get it just right and you will probably need to do it thought you video card driver software istead of in windows 7. Really need more information to help you like which video card is it? How is it hooked up, HDMI, DVI, etc. ? I would also help to know tv specs as in which resoloutions it can handle. I've done it with a 42inch LCD and it can require hours of tweaking.;)
control center should install with you drivers its on the cd it can all be downloaded for ATI's site. Use Google it's your best friend!;)

aha im Downloading the ATI CATALYST for Beta 64bit , so im gonna try now
its connected with HDMI cable.