Windows Vista Help! Need single file (signtool.exe) from Vista WDK.


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Just a quick intro: I've written a driver for Vista64, and need to sign it. I have signed files before, and am familiar with the process. I used signtool.exe (this is a common file with many versions, the latest version is apparently distributed with the Vista WDK). Now to Link Removed due to 404 Error, you have to Link Removed due to 404 Error. This is done using the /ac option of signtool.exe

Problem is that the /ac option is not available in the signtool.exe I have, I looked it up and apparently this option was introduced only with the Vista WDK, and the latest signtool.exe can be found within the WDK.

Could anyone please post the latest signtool.exe file, or e-mail it to me or something?

To see if the signtool.exe you have has the /ac option, please run in a command prompt
signtool /?
and if it's the right version, it will describe the /ac option as well in the help.

I don't have the WDK, and from the part of the world where I where I live, the download will take 2.5+ days.

To answer the obvious question as to how I wrote a driver for Vista without the WDK.. well, I was porting a driver, and used the older DDKs. <sheepish grin> The driver works fine with driver signing disabled (F8 on Boot) and/or the BCDEDIT toggle set.

Please help, folks! Thanks, in advance