Windows 7 HELP! Windows won't boot. Not even Safe Mode. Repair doesn't see Windows installation! Fixboot error


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Feb 18, 2009
I must have been struck by a nasty virus. When I boot my computer, I get a screen with the following message instead:
"Info: the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible."

I can't boot in Safe Mode. Windows is not found.

I booted my Win7 install DVD and went into Repair, but it doesn't even SEE my Windows installation! Auto-repair doesn't work.

Entering the CLI, I can find my Boot drive on G: (not unusual). A DIR shows my "Windows" folder plain as day. Opening it (cd \Windows | dir) shows all contents intact.

I tried executing the following commands:

BootRec /Fixmbr (reports "success".)

BootRec /Fixboot (reports "Extension not found". Google has NOTHING on this error.)

BootRec /Rebuildbcd (finds Windows on G:, but when I say Yes to repair, I get "Extension not found" again.)

What in the heck happened? How do I fix this?

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With no replies and lots of investigation with nothing working, I finally ended up downloading/purchasing a copy of "EasyRE Recovery Essentials" recommended in another thread.

Worked perfectly. Did in a few minutes what I couldn't do in two days. :(
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