Help with a recovery partition, USB booting, and .swm files.


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I upgraded to Windows 10 on a brand-new laptop running Windows 8.1. This is a gaming laptop and, unfortunately, not all of the software/drivers that came with the laptop is compatible with Windows 10 right now.

The laptop is an MSi GP60 2QF Leopard Pro. It has a 16GB recovery partition (BIOS_RVY is the volume name). This recovery partition has everything to restore my laptop to factory presets. However, the upgrade to Windows 10 has somehow "disconnected" the F3 key (used to restore) and now I can't make the computer choose to restore from the recovery partition. when I hit the F3 key on boot up.

My question is: How can I take that recovery partition and turn it into a bootable USB recovery device? The partition has about four .swm files totaling about 15GB. Can I use DISM to take those .swm files and load them onto a USB flash drive so that the computer will boot from the USB and re-install the previous OS and all the software for this MSi laptop?


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I assume you didn't make a backup image before putting the GWX app on your system?
If not IME you are best to ring them (the Leopard help desk) and ask for a new restore disc to be sent to you...