help with backup files - please!

I installed w7. I had a trial version before it, so could not upgrade, had to do a clean install. Backed up files on disc beforehand, knowing I would lose everything. W7 installed successfully - but when I ran the backup files, can not open any programs - like Itunes. I see the program files in drive C, but not able to open any programs. Anyone able to help with this?

thanks Drew - one more question

Thanks for your help. One other thing that's confusing me, listed under drive C, is drive D, which I'm not sure what that is. Some files are listed there, but under drive C it seems to be a more complete list. Is it safe to delete the stuff that is on drive D since it appears to be a duplicate? I put the backup files in twice since I couldn't find them the first time. Could that be the reason? Also drive D is showing no available space, even though my computer is new and is a quad processor with a terabyte of storage. I appreciate your help.

d drive

Drew, I appreciate your knowledge. As you can see I am not as knowledgeable as I would like to be when it comes to this. I am not at home on my computer to be able to tell you but as my memory serves, I believe my rom is listed as E. The d drive is showing the little windows logo and when I clicked on properties, it said something about a usb, although the usb was not plugged in at the time, hence the confusion. Before I delete it I want to be sure it is not something I need. Thanks so much.

Joe S

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Is the file 100-200 mg? It might have something to do with boot becareful about deleting it for good. Sometimes windows makes a small separate partition and people delete it then have problems.


thanks Joe. I only deleted on or 2 folders because they said folder is empty. thanks for your response.

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