Help with install windows 7

Hey all..
First i sorry for my english.. its not my language :)

I have a problem with my computer..
I try to format my computer with windows 7 and i cant..
i have a dell computer so what i do is this:
1. I put the disk to the computer..
2. i do a restart to the computer
3. when the first screen up, i press F12
4. then i need to choose from some option.. i choose "CD\DVD"
5. i have a message "Press any key to continue"
6. then i have a Loading screen like that:
7. i have a windows 7 logo like that:
and then the install should be start.. but it didnt start.. the computer just do restart..

i dont know what to problem.. the disk is OK i format with hem before.. i try another disk of windows 7 and its the same problem..

And windows XP installion works ok..
Right know i'm on windows xp but i want 7..
someone maybe know way i can install??

Another something..
When i insert the disk now to the computer the installation works..
I tried to do a upgrade from xp to 7 but i get a message that say that i cant upgrade my computer.. i dont know why..



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Your images do not show up correctly. If you do an advanced reply you can attach an image using the paperclip.

You cannot upgrade from XP to need to do a clean install which means you need to boot from the DVD.

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