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Good people!
I've stumbled upon a problem. I was quick-editing pictures with the help of Picture viewer (essentially just rotating the pictures and then jumping on to the next picture). I then noticed that the pictures disappeared from their parent folder. This happened to about 10 pictures before I realized that it was happening. When I tried it again and this time copied the name of the file and did the same procedure, I searched for the file and lo and behold the engine found it. Oddly though it seemed to be in the parent folder even though I can't find manually. I tried updating the folder but it still wouldn't appear, meaning it was essentially a ghost file. Since I have backups of the pictures it's not a big deal, but infinitely irritating. Has anybody else had this problem? OR better yet, been able to solve it?
Any help is deeply appreciated!


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Hi indie,
where was the initial 'parent' folder located?

Hi Kemikal!
I noticed the problem when I was "editing" pictures in a folder on the desktop. I also tried the same thing with other folders (i.e. in the "library" folder) and the same thing happened then as well.

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