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    This is really for Windows Phone, but some of the stuff works on the PC.

    I was able to say things like "Hey Cortana remind my to call Paul." She replied "Sure Thing, when do you want to call Paul." I said 2 PM, and she replied, "Ok I'll remind you to call Paul at 2 Pm."

    Now we wait and see if she does it or not.

    What I'm looking for is how to set her up using email.
    If I ask her to send an email, she says, "Sorry I can't find any email accounts".

    Sometimes she says try again after future updates so maybe it isn't working yet.

    But a lot of the stuff listed at the link above does work.
    One thing that I really could use it the reminders, I tend to get involved in what I'm doing on the computer and forget to do things when I should.

    It would be nice it I could say "Hey Cortana, remind me to turn on the oven at 5 pm and stuff like

    She's always listening, this morning I said to my wife, "Cortana is available on Windows Phones" and I looked over to where my computer is sitting and see that a web page about Windows Phones has opened up. LOL

    I can tell her to play my music from anyplace in the room.

    One thing I'd like is for Cortana to be able to use Skype.
    I use my computer as my phone and everyone's number is in it.

    I'd like to be able to say "Hey Cortana, Skype call to Paul" and have her ask, "Do you want to call him on Skype or on his Phone?

    It will be interesting to see where this goes from here.

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