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Working on school project all night when windows update pops up. I postpone for four hours. Four hours later I postpone again for four hours. Go to sleep for six hours. Start working on project without ever turning off computer. Work for 3 hours. Windows update shuts down computer without warning and I lose all my work. Thank you Windows for still sucking so much **** after so many years. Why the **** did it not update while I was sleeping like it was supposed to? I'll tell you why. Because Windows is a joke and it's always been a joke and it will continue to always be a joke until it fades out of existence to superior operating systems that don't cause innumerable amounts of user problems. What doesn't Microsoft ****ing understand? I DONT WANT TO UPDATE!!!! I NEVER WANT TO UPDATE. LEAVE ME THE **** ALONE. LEAVE ME THE **** ALONE. AND IN CASE YOU DIDNT GET THAT LEAVE ME THE **** ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never once has windows restarted for an update when I wasn't in the middle of something important. Get the **** out of my face!!!!!!!! What idiot at Microsoft thought it was a great idea to interrupt peoples work constantly with this bullshit. Jesus christ do it when the computer is manually shut down. Is it really so ****ing hard?!?!?! Why is it on a timer?????? Does it ever ask if you want to? ****ing ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, Microsoft thinks it's better to program into the OS a surprise guess what you fail your class update. It's much more important that our useless virus definitions that never work be installed instead of the computer printing out that 15 page paper you bought the computer to write. Maybe when it reaches the timer it could ask you definitively yes or no??? Nope f*** you, you fail your class, no do overs. Thank you again windows for sucking another project into the abyss that is a windows hard-drive. F*** you Microsoft. It's sad that this bullshit still continues. I just want my computer to work without any hassle. Guess that's my mistake for getting Windows. I'm getting a Mac, and I've never even owned one.

Honestly, it's not like I don't know what I'm doing with computer either. I made the one I'm working on now. I don't want my work interrupted when I'm working for ANYTHING. Who does? The updates are not crucial. They are a burden. Why the hell is there no option for DON'T UPDATE????? Huh????? Seriously what the ****. What the ****. I can't get passed how ridiculous this is. The update message plagued me for hours with no "stop bothering me" option, only a "post-pone till later" option. Oh, but guess what, it doesn't shut down when it tells you it's going to. It glitches out and shuts down whenever the **** it damn well pleases. Once that random timer hits 0 it's game over. Really?? Really?????? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I seriously am buying a Mac. I can't afford for this **** to happen ever again (It's already ****ed my life so it doesn't really matter). PCs are so unstable. I just can't deal with it anymore. So long Microsoft. Another long time PC user bites the dust.


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Quite a rant. With my Windows 7 OS I have the update feature turned off. Maybe you should also. Might lower your blood pressure. LOL


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Why would any one work for hours on a project and go to sleep without saving it?
Secondly you do know that you can turn automatic update off if you want to.

If you really think that Macs are trouble free just run a Google search for "My Mac won't boot!".

5 million hits later...

My Mac won't turn on will get you about 58 million hits, etc.

In most cases people are blaming Windows for things their crummy computer is doing.
Windows has to run on any piece of junk that any dolt puts together out of the cheapest parts they can find.

Mac OS only has run on the computers it was designed to run on and it still doesn't always work.

My computers aren't unstable, they work week after week, year after year doing the toughest 3D graphics creation projects and never miss a beat. But I don't build my computers myself out of cheap parts.

I use a quality computer made from branded parts, put together by people who know what they are doing.

I'm using Windows 8 now and finding it to be stable and fast, even in beta and it's running everything I throw at it.



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Honestly, it's not like I don't know what I'm doing with computer either.
If this is true then I would have expected you to save your work regularly. I'm sorry that you lost a lot of work but I fear you have only yourself and bad practice (or lack of good practice) to blame - as my old grandad used to say, "it's a poor tradesman that blames his tools."

Very true, I have to agree on both your points patcooke and MikeHawthorne. This was a bad use of technology. I wonder if they even tryed using the Office recovory feature, or if they where even useing Office at all. They where complaining about it not rebooting when they where asleep? .... That is just plain crazy. That would still be doing the same thing that the entire rant is about...rebooting when it feels like not matter what. Then the thought of if rebooted with out warning. Was it a reboot or a crash? I have never had my 7 reboot with out warning after update, I have had it crash and the entire system stop and cold boot. Not really sure what they where trying to get across, but it was long and for the most part, unintersting and pointless. It could have been the use of so many explatives or the 256 "y"s in the word why close to the end that turned me off. Now dont get me wrong I dont have virgin eyes, but there comes a point when you got to just use a bigger vocabulary. By the looks of this post, loosing the paper may have gotten them a better grade in the class LoL

Whatever happened to, "The dog ate my homework"?


Because it would be "my dog died of LCD, LED, and gold poisioning while eatting my homework...I need a few more days to finish that paper" LMAO

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