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The window control icons (Minimize, Expand and Close) in the upper right are so fine that if they appear on any kind of a dark background color they are almost invisible, (remember I have 76 year old eyes).

Windows should be smart enough to switch the color of the icons to reverse, (white icons on dark backgrounds, black icons on light backgrounds) so that they are visible.

I changed the background color to a very light brown color so that I can see them, but it's not the color I'd chose if could tell it to reverse the icon color, as you could in the past.

I just went and put this in to the feed back app, and I see that I'm not the only one to make this suggestion.

As long as I'm making suggestions, I'd like to see Cortana be able to take a message after she says "Hey There".

I often say "Hey Cortana" and then pause for just a second before giving my message, she then says "Hey There" and when I tell her what I want she doesn't respond.

I think that there should be a period of active listening after she acknowledges that she heard you, that's especially true now that the search windows doesn't expand when you talk to her and you have no way of knowing if she's responding.

Maybe she could say, "Hey There, what do you need?" and then listen for your reply.


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