Home Wireless Connection, Continually Identifying Network, No Internet Access

Hi there, I have recently been having difficulties with connecting with my wireless connection. We have a in-home router that is connected to two computer's downstairs by cable. I however own a Acer, Windows 7 laptop that I mainly use upstairs and I get a Excellent signal strength.
I have connected to my Home wireless connection before with no problem but recently the connection keeps coming up as ~Identifying... No Internet Access.
Also when I have had connection to this network prior to this problem the connection is under Home. But when I try to connect to the same network it comes up as Public or just keeps Identifying. I have the connection set to Connect Automatically.
Also the yellow triangle with the exclamation point almost always pops up immediately when I reboot my system or after I Disconnect and Connect the network again. I have tried Disabling and Enabling the network in the adapter settings and this does not work either. In the manage wireless networks tab, I have repeatedly deleted the connection and reentered the security password and again put it as automatically connect but it still comes up as Identifying. I have seen many people with this same problem and have tried many of the suggestions to no avail.
It is rather bizarre because my connection will be in this Identifying state for a while and randomly connect properly and I have no idea what makes it go off and on so erratically. I just had it working again for a few days and it is again acting up. I would appreciate the help and hope I can get this resolved and not have to wait tell my connection randomly works again xD


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Try it on the "Work" network, instead of "Home", and see if it is improved.


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Try updating your network adapter and check the Ip configuration if it is configured manually.

This is a low tech answer but worked for me. I tried all of the suggestions with no luck. When I unplugged my laptop and moved a little closer the problem stopped. It was like I was getting an intermittant signal and when I moved from the farthest corner in the dining room to the living room I stopped having the problem.


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This is due the laptop wireless interface card...it become weak so it cannot receive the signal from farther placed

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