Hosting domain in windows 8?


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I have a server running windows 8 and I've installed appserv on it (i cant uninstall app serve as there an application that i need to keep running using appserv)

also, i have a couple of blogs that i hosted on shared hosting company (hawk host) but the problem is their server is keep getting down..
I'm thinking maybe i can also use my windows 8 to host my blog instead, i gather information on internet but most of them need us to install IIS manager which i tried to avoid

so i want my windows 8 to host domain and blog (more than one domain) without IIS , can anyone help me and is this doable?

Thank you


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It is not worth even discussing, to be honest with you.


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Well you would need some form of web server to host sites, so IIS or some other web server. I would not run it on Windows 8 but instead a Windows server OS or Linux. You'd also want some form a WAF to protect it at the minimum.