1. asylv0

    Error when logging into .local domain

    I have a VM running Windows Server 2019 on my laptop. Both are connected to working internet. I set up a .local domain (sylvernet.local) and created a user linked to the domain. However, when I try to log in to the user on my laptop (running W10 Edu, main user logged in with my school email)...
  2. W

    Windows 7 Login failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer

    I'm trying to share a folder between computers. The first computer has the file on it and I shared it with all privledges (read/write/etc..) for all users. It is a Win 7 home computer so its not a domain account. The second computer is on the domain. I get "\\computer 1 is not accessible. You...
  3. P

    SATIRE ip-address

    bzzzt … bzzzzzzzzzt … bzzzt … hello … this is ip-address engr1: for some reason, this switch will not connect to specified router! engr2: try giving false credentials. engr1: but we cannot do that … engr2: you right … that would be unethical. engr1...