RemoteDesktop suddenly refuse login of Administrator account


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We have a 2016 Server acting as ADC and hosting a number of applications for our domain. It has bee rock solid for several years. The server is instaled as a virtual machine on a HyperV 2016 server. We wanted to make some changes to who is allowed to use remote desktop and established a 'RDAllow' GPO but we did something wrong and deleted the GPO again. After that it is not possibløe to log in wit RD.

Message on the Screen: To log in remotely you need the right to sign in through Remote Desktop Services .......

The Remotye Desktop Services role is not instaled and has not been instaled.

Except for this the server seemn to work fine:

  1. It runs a Radius Server for authentication of Users loging in through a pfSense VPN tunnel. This is working
  2. Login through HyperV Manager is working
  3. Two True-NAS servers included in the domain were access works as normal
  4. Two other WIndows Servers where RD access works as normal.
We have gone through all (what we think are) relevant policy settings but no luck. This includs using the Group Policy Modeling and Results in GPM without finding errors reported. We are out of ideas and tending towards desperation. To reinstal the Server would be a significant task and cause disruption in our production and is highly undesired.

Can anyone help in pointing us in a direction where we can debug the behaviour or in any way help us to understand where to look...

Rgrds .../O