How can I create a hotspot with encryption?

I would have a business trip for a few days,while I have to use hotel wifi for working and communicating. But there are some very important information I would need to transmit.Do you have any ideas to make it very safe when I use hotel wifi? How do you think about this software: My WIFI Router? or Connectify?

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You can try “My WIFI Router software”.It will turn your laptop into hotspot just with a click.Both Ad-hoc and WPA with encryption are available.And the signal is pretty good.It would be your best choice for hotel wifi.

Hotspot is gonna work on any Routers, Check your IP after you connect the hot spot.

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About as safe as yelling it out at the top of your voice… if it is important then I'd ask the security office to let you send it from a lan-line which shouldn't be a major issue for the hotel staff to set up.

p.s. this is not a tutorial and shouldn't be in this section.

You can use Hotspot Shield application for windows. Use google to search the app and download it.

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You can use IpVanish.


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p.s. this is not a tutorial and shouldn't be in this section.
I quite agree.. Post moved.

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