How can I disable WIN+UP hotkeys?

Hi everyone,

I'm just new to Windows 7, and I'm trying to set it up the way I like. I've found out that there's some hotkeys that seem impossible to disable -- WIN+ UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. They seem to be the new features of "Aero" to control window management -- maximize, moving from one monitor to another, etc. However, I can't seem to disable them at all!

I've tried disabling all WIN+<key> hotkeys, as per this tutorial: Windows Key Shortcuts - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Forums

however it doesn't disable those keys as well. I've also tried changing to a non-Aero theme, since it's apparently an Aero feature of window management, but that doesn't work either -- the keys stop performing the actions, but I can't register the hotkeys with the other application I'm trying to use (VirtuaWin).

Is there any way to disable them for good?


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