Windows 7 How can I experience Multi touch


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Jan 28, 2009
I've downloaded Windows 7 and running over VMware. I'm also using Elotouch monitors for multitouch experience. I've also downloaded and installed Elotouch's device driver.

Now I'm able to simulate the single touch by my finger on my monitor. My question is how can I simulate the multi touch gestures on my monitor. Like pinching, rotating fingers etc. Do I have to download something more?

Thanking you all in advance.

You probably can't do multitouch in VM.
I would imagine that'd be a limitation of the Virtualization.
Thnax Kyle. My question is: Are you experiencing all those multitouch gestures like finger flicks, rotation, pinch? If yes, in what kind of environment?
In reviewing the information on these Elotouch monitors, I could not find anything that mentioned that they support 'multitouch'.
The HP TouchSmart brand of touch computers support multitouch but they do not yet have a 'digitally signed' Windows 7 driver. To get multitouch capabilities, you have to run Windows 7 in 'test mode' where it will accept an unsigned driver. Elotouch will have to support multitouch and provide a multitouch driver.

Hope this information helps.
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