How can I export messages from Outlook into WLM


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I'm having no luck figuring this out. I've searched everywhere I can think of but can't get an answer.
I have a new W7, 64bit, machine. I'm using Windows Live Mail because Outlook is no longer included with Windows Office (which I bought).
Everything is working well. I've imported the contacts from Outlook 2003 into WLM, no problem.
How can I export the messages from Outlook into WLM.
It's a new machine and came with a trial version of Windows Outlook 2007 installed so I opend it and imported the messages from the old Outlook 2003 into the new Outlook 2007 on the new machine, now I'm stuck. I can't see how to get the messages into WLM.
Can anyone help?

Thanks, Dan

I only had about a dozen saved emails that I wanted to save so I simply exported them to text in a folder that I backed up to a usb. I can click on them now and they open in live mail. This isn't the solution you are looking for but if you are being held up to upgrade and can't find anything easier this will work.


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Thanks for the reply.
I have way too many emails to go that route.
Hopefully someone else can help.


Unable to Import mails from outlook 2007 to Windows Live Mail

There is no direct way to import mails from outlook into wlm directly

This is quite a complex operation and MS doesn't actually explain how to do it so here goes.

The trick is to get your email messages into Outlook Express (OE on XP) or (on Vista) before you can import into Windows Live mail. Then the import can be done directly.

There isn't any way currently to import mail directly from Outlook to Windows Live Mail so you have to do it indirectly BEFORE installing Windows 7.

1) even if you don't use Outlook Express (XP) or Windows Mail (VISTA) you need to have them running on the same machine as your copy of OUTLOOK.

2) create (if you haven't already) email accounts in OE or Windows mail identical to those you have in Outlook.

3) Now import your messages from Outlook into OE or Windows Mail.

4) Change the Store Identity in OE or Windows mail to a disk that your Windows 7 can read (do this under Maintenance - data storage locations in OE or Windows Mail).
Doing this saves you having to Live Mail on Vista or XP

5) Logon to your Windows 7 system and install Windows Live mail.

6) Set up your email accounts

7) File ==> import==>messages

8) Chose Outlook
or Windows mail depending on step 3)

9) Browse to the directory where you stored the messages in step 4)

10) Job done.

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