Windows 7 How do I change my W7 contact e-mail address?


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I've lost access to the e-mail account I submitted as a contact address to Microsoft during Windows 7 registration. So, I can't read any of the info I'm getting from MS. How can I submit an alternative address? I've posted this question on the MS Tech Net. No answer. I've mailed Redmond and was told simply to telephone Microsoft Germany(I'm in Berlin). That also lead nowhere. Geez! This is a simple problem. Surely there's a simple solution.:confused: Please help.
Since Windows Mail dozen';t work in Windows 7 and is being replaced with Windows Live Essentials, I suggest you setup a LiveID account or a free provider such as gnail or yahoo.

By the way, Microsoft is not going to respond to your feedback, it's being held in a database to review,
The problem I have is with a free provider. Should MS open up Windows 7 RC to all Beta Testers, I assume this will be "by invitation only". So, no e-mail, no key.